Saint Peter's Faith Formation Parent Contract

Dear Parent, 

We are happy you have chosen a Roman Catholic faith formation program for your family. Our program teaches the doctrine of the Catholic Church, as put forth in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, through a variety of learning experiences, which include classroom work, community service, workshop days, music, parent meetings and special liturgies. 

 In selecting our Faith Formation program you have made the decision to prepare your child/children for full initiation into the church through the reception of the sacraments of reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. These sacraments call us into full communion with Jesus, and full participation in the life of the community of believers. 

We ask you to prayerfully read the attached contract and sign it. We look forward to another exciting year of faith, as together we journey in faith. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, and may God continue to bless the good work he has begun in us. 

Faithfully Yours,
Rev. Roger C. Gagne

Read "Parent Faith Formaion Contract" in full (PDF) 


“Dear Parents! I ask you to help your children to grow in faith, I ask you to accompany them on their journey towards First Communion, a journey which continues beyond that day, and to keep accompanying them as they make their way to Jesus and with Jesus.  Please, go with your children to Church and take part in the Sunday Eucharistic celebration! You will see that this is not time lost; rather, it is the very thing that can keep your family truly united and centered. Sunday becomes more beautiful, the whole week becomes more beautiful, when you go to Sunday Mass together. And please, pray together at home too: at meals and before going to bed. Prayer does not only bring us nearer to God but also nearer to one another. It is a powerful source of peace and joy. Family life becomes more joyful and expansive whenever God is there and his closeness is experienced in prayer”. 
~Pope Benedict XVI, Homily, Celebration of Vespers, Cathedral of Munich, Sunday, 10 September of 2006




Mary Bonneville