Christmas, 2012


Dear Parishioners,

As we celebrate the Father’s gift of love, in the birth of his son Jesus, we are filled with wonder and praise. This gift of love fills the empty places that are in our hearts.

This past year, with its joys and sorrows, its hopes and disappointments, and the many personal hurts that are part of everyday life, has prepared us to accept this love, that St. John, in the prologue of his gospel calls, “grace in place of grace.”

This grace allows us to show compassion and choose love over hate, meekness over power, forgiveness over revenge, and kindness in the face of those who are unkind. The sound of a baby crying, while shepherds kept watch over their flocks by night, and angels choirs sang, changed the course of human history forever. God has a plan that the world will be saved by love, and nothing can stop his plan.

In the end, it will be our love for others that will live on forever after we die. May we who have received the gift of love, choose to give this gift to others. May this Christmas bring you that peace which the world can not give, that joy beyond all telling, and faith in the word made flesh, that makes all things possible.

Thank for all you do for those in need, for your prayers, for your faith in Jesus, and for the many acts of love that you show toward others. You continue to make a difference in all our lives. A Blessed Christmas to all. You will have a special remembrance in all my Christmas Masses.

Father Gagné


Mary Bonneville