Dear Parishioners,

In Matthew Kelly’s book “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic,” he describes the four essential realities that define a dynamic Catholic.

As we approach the beginning of the Holy Year of Mercy, that will begin in December, I thought it might be helpful for us to reflect on these four realities.

Matthew Kelly writes that, “prayer, study, generosity, and evangelization are the signs of a dynamic Catholic,” and by extension a dynamic community of faith.

Prayer: Kelley writes that, “ Dynamic Catholics have a daily commitment to prayer. These are people who are trying to listen to the voice of God in their lives, and believe doing God’s will is the only path that leads to lasting happiness in this changing world.”

Study: “Dynamic Catholics spend at least fourteen minutes each day learning about their faith. Jesus calls us not only to be followers, but disciples. A disciple is one who is always learning more about the way of Jesus and the genius of Catholicism.”

Generosity: “Dynamic Catholics are filled with a spirit of service and are generous stewards of their time, treasure and talent. Stewardship is not a requirement, it is a way of life.”

Evangelization: “Dynamic Catholics invite others to grow spiritually by sharing the love of God with them.”

Matthew Kelly concludes this section by writing, “Imagine for a moment if everyone in your parish did these four things:

  • Spend ten minutes each day in prayerful conversation with God.
  • Read five pages of a great Catholic book each day.
  • Gave 1% more of their income to support the mission of their parish than they did last year.
  • Did one thing each week to share the genius of Catholicism with someone else.”

It is my prayer and hope that we will reflect on “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic,” as we prepare for the Holy Year of Mercy.

The process of being a disciple takes time, and a willingness on my part to venture forth from my security, to what Teihlard de Chardin prays: “Lord, Compel us to discard our pettiness and to venture forth into the uncharted ocean of Charity.”

May God who has begun this good work in us bring it to completion. Let us pray for each other as prepare to embrace the holy Year of Mercy.

                                                         Yours in Christ,

                                                          Rev. Roger C. Gagne



Mary Bonneville