Grateful for God's Providence - Diocesan Capital Campaign


Dear Parishioners,

Our parish will be participating in a once in a generation Diocesan
Capital Campaign during the next several weeks. A committee of fellow
parishioners will provide the leadership for this campaign. Through a series
of receptions and mailings, you will be informed as to the purpose of this
campaign and how you can participate.

Our parish goal is $485,951. St. Peter Parish will receive 40% of every
dollar raised. The amount of return to the parish would be $194,380. If we
go over our goal, our parish will receive 60% on every dollar amount raised.

It is my hope to establish a permanent endowment in the amount of
$50,000 from the money that will be returned to our parish. The interest
generated from this fund will be used to provide scholarship assistance for
those attending St. Peter Tri-Parish School. This scholarship will be called
the Sr. Mary Angelus, R.S.M. Endowment Fund. This is a wonderful way to
honor Sr. Angelus for her many years of service to our parish and school.
The rest of the money will be used for the up keep of our school.

Asking for money is never easy, but I believe with prayer and
everyone’s participation, we will join the other parishes in our diocese
who have already participated in this important undertaking. Msgr. Iacovacci
has already donated $20,000, and I have pledged $5,000. We are off to a
good beginning.

May God bless the work he has begun in us and see it to completion.
Be assured of a remembrance in all my prayers. I thank you in advance for
your prayers and support.

Enclosed in the bulletin is an insert that explains the purpose of this
Diocesan Campaign, Grateful for God’s Providence.

Gratefully Yours,

Rev. Roger C. Gagne

Mary Bonneville