Warwick Pastoral Planning Update


Dear Parishioners,

The following is a list of what was discussed at the Warwick Pastoral Planning meeting that was held on Tuesday, June 27th at St. Rita’s Church.

  • St. Rita and St. Timothy Parishes will be affiliating with each other with the hope of yoking within a year. The pastor of St. Timothy will become the administrator of St. Rita.

  • St. Rose and Clement, St. Catherine, and St. Francis Parishes have begun to discuss the future of their parishes. This conversation will be ongoing for about two to three years.

  • St. Peter Parish and Tri-Parish School will join the conversation with St. Timothy and St. Rita Parishes

  • St. Peter’s Vacation Bible School, Autism and the Sacraments Program, Scouting Programs and Venturing Program, will be offered to all the parishes of Warwick.

  • Former parishioners from St. Williams continue to join our parish. We extend a warm welcome to the new members of our parish family.

  • St. Gregory Parish has not participated in any of our discussions.

St. Peter Parish remains a strong and active parish at all levels. The support of every member of the parishes is needed. I urge those who are active members to reach out to those who do not participate in Liturgy or support the parish on a regular basis, by inviting them to share their time, treasure, and talent with their parish.

May God continue to bless the good work he has begun in us. You have a remembrance in all my prayers. Have a great summer. Pray for us.

Sincerely Yours,
Rev. Roger C. Gagné


Mary Bonneville