A Warm Welcome to Members of St. William Parish


Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Lord,

On October 3, 1933, Bishop Hickey established St. Peter and St. William parishes. As sister parishes we have shared the mission of the church, which is to proclaim the gospel, celebrate the sacraments, provide for needs of the poor, celebrate the rites of Christian burial, and be the presence of Christ in our time and place.

After eighty-four years of faithful service the people of St. Williams will celebrate their last Mass Easter Sunday. During this painful time of change and transition I want to extend a warm welcome to the members of St. William parish who have chosen, or will choose to become part of our parish family. Your faith and presence enriches all of us.

As pastor of St. Peter parish, I want to assure you of my prayers and support, and my pledge to do whatever our parish can to make you feel at home.

Easter reminds us that after death comes the resurrection and new life. May Christ rising in glory fill our hearts with new hope, as together we continue to grow and live the Christian faith, that has been handed down to us, in our time and in our place.

A blessed Easter Season to all of you. Sincerely Yours in the Risen Lord,

Rev. Roger C. Gagne

Mary Bonneville