2016 Easter Message - Fr. Gagne


What is spring, if not the ripping apart of winter’s coldness. Spring is the sound of water splashing over rocks, and ice melting from the warmth of the sun climbing higher each day in the sky. Spring is most welcomed, yet can be cruel, in its attempts to call forth life from the seemingly lifeless earth. Calling forth change, we come alive again after winter’s long rest. It was at this time of year that the mystery of God’s love was revealed through the death and resurrection of Jesus. The gospel tells us about an empty tomb; people stooping to peer in, a woman weeping in a garden, exhausted after the festival of Passover and the spectacle of the crucifixion. In the early morning light, and in the pain of loss and betrayal, Jesus in his human body, rose from the grave.

In order for us to grasp the meaning of his resurrection, we must let go of our need to know the historical details of Jesus’ world and life. To see the face of Jesus, that moved Veronica to step from the crowd to wash his face, we need to stoop, and peer into the empty tomb of our souls, and like Mary in the garden, see him through our own tears. Only by entering into silence and mystery can we truly see the face of Jesus. We ask forgiveness for our refusal to see Jesus in our brothers and sisters, and for looking the other way when we see the needs of others. Lord, break open our graves of despair, and roll back the rocks of bitterness and revenge. Let in the light of Resurrection, and free our bodies and spirits to rise again and again and again.

A Happy Easter Day, and Season to all of you.

-Father Gagne

Mary Bonneville