Ordinary Time



     The dictionary defines the word ordinary as something that is
customary, usual or familiar. What is familiar or common to Christians is the
weekly celebration of the paschal mystery. This mystery recalls the life,
death and most importantly the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The first day of
the week becomes for the believer a day of play and worship. Through play
and worship Sunday is in itself a sacrament of the redeemed.

     Our observance of Sunday proclaims to the world that we are a people,
who have been redeemed in time, not only for the moment, but also for all
eternity. When we gather for weekly Eucharist, we bring with us the events
of the past week. These events become the beginning of the week to come.
Like all sacraments, Sunday is simultaneously a point of arrival and
departure for Christians on their way to the fullness of the kingdom.

     Although we call this time of year Ordinary Time, it is anything but
ordinary because it is the fabric of daily living. It is the familiar, common,
and ordinary way we live our lives.

     This present stretch of Ordinary time will last five weeks. We will pick
up Ordinary Time again after Pentecost Sunday, which this year, is
celebrated on May 20th . During these days of ordinary time, may we enjoy
our familiar and common life in Christ. A life that brings us hope and
forgiveness, and proclaims to others, that we are a redeemed people.

     May the common ordinary life of being a Christian sustain us, as we
gather each week for the celebration of Holy Mass. May it be our point of
arrival and departure.

Rev. Roger C. Gagne

Mary Bonneville