Lenten Reflections –


Each year the Church invites us to journey into the wilderness with Jesus. Through prayer and reflection on the daily readings of the Mass, our journey will lead us into the wilderness of our souls. In the shadows and solitude of our hearts, we will confront our demons and, like Jesus, put the devil to flight. With the help of Jesus and of our brothers and sisters, we will be able to focus more on God’s love and mercy than on our sins and guilt. 

Like Peter, who returned to his Lord weeping bitterly, we are called to turn away from sin and be faithful to the words of Jesus. We are called to live in the hope that God’s plan will redeem sinners by his all-inclusive love of friend and enemy alike. Courage to begin our journey comes not from feeling heroic, but from believing in the way of God.

–Fr. Gagné 

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Mary Bonneville