Easter 2012

Easter, April 8, 2012

Dear Parishioners,

During the season of Lent we entered into the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death. Through prayer, fasting, and alms giving we resisted the same temptations that Satan put before Jesus during his forty days in the desert. With the help of God’s grace we did our best to become better people; more loving, more patient, more forgiving, less greedy, less jealous, and more like Jesus in dealing with others. While we may have fallen short on our journey to Easter, we would do well to remember that Jesus fell three times under the weight of his cross. He needed a complete stranger to help him carry it, needed Veronica to wash his face, and relied on Joseph of Arimathea for a place to be buried. Jesus entered into all of human limitations and became exposed in every way to the world. All this he endured as an act of sublime love for each one of us. The power of this love, which no tomb could contain, or death extinguish, is what we celebrate on Easter Sunday, and on every Sunday.

The life of every Christian proclaims this love to the world. We live in the hope of the resurrection, as we look forward to the life of the world to come. Like his disciples, who locked themselves in the upper room, we have heard the voice of Jesus, breaking through the walls of our fear and doubts, saying to us “Peace be with you.” Jesus told Peter that the gates of Hell and the jaws of death would not prevail against his church. We will die and rise to love many times through out our lifetime. There will, however, come a day when we will pass through the gate of death for the last time, and hear Jesus say to us, enter into the kingdom prepared for you since the beginning of time, “for I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.” May Christ, the morning star, rising from the grave, fill you with his light, and peace this Easter season.

~Fr. Gagné