Advent 2010

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Advent is the time of year when the church invites us to go into the wilderness to prepare a highway for our God. Like Abraham, we are called to leave the security of everything we know and journey into uncharted territory.

We do this with the promise that God will be with us on our adventure, and we know that what we experience along the way depends on our choices and on our relationship with him. In this journey into the wilderness, we can learn about life in a way that would not be possible if we did not venture forth. Like Abraham, we will hear the words of God’s messengers telling us that nothing is impossible with God-the same message given by Gabriel to Mary, the virgin of Nazareth. The promise of God was accomplished in Mary when she said yes to being the mother of God. She said yes to leaving the security of everything she knew, and she believed that with God nothing is impossible. Advent is for us, as it was for Mary, a season to leave the security of what we know and prepare in our time a place for our God.