Fr. Gagne's 2016 Christmas Message

Dear Parishioners,

During the season of Advent we have been treated by the Prophet Isaiah’s dream about what God is going to bring about among his people. Isaiah dares to dream about a world where there will be no more training for war, and where a child will lead mankind into a world where the lion and the lamb will be friends, and where no one will go astray, or experience any harm on God’s holy mountain. He writes of a great sign that will be given, “the virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel. A name that means that God is with us.” ... Continue Reading...>>

Advent Schedule


Daily Mass, 7:00 AM

Friday Holy Hour & Confession
December 2nd, 9th, and 16th - 11:00 AM

  HOLY DAY - Immaculate Conception
Thursday, December 8th
Masses at 7:00 AM, 10:00 AM (School Mass), 6:30 PM

Parish Penance Service - Holy Hour & Confession
Monday, December 12th, 6:30 PM

The Giving Tree

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Peter’s Parish is sponsoring “The Giving Tree.” This is an opportunity for the entire St. Peter’s Parish Family to help by sharing their gifts from God with others.

Barren Branches, decorated with tags, will be set up in the upper and lower Church. The tags reflect a gift a request of a clothing or toy item. Each tag includes that individual’s age, gender and size where applicable. We ask parishioners to select as many tags as they would like. Purchase the item on the tag, wrap it and place it, with the tag attached, under the tree no later than December 13th. This enables us to complete our preparations for an efficient distribution of the gifts. These “Barren Branches” will also serve as our Jesse Tree. As the tags are removed, Jesse Tree ornaments will replace them. For those who prefer the practice of recent years, we will continue to provide woolen items to the those in need. Unwrapped woolen items may be placed in the containers near the trees. We hope all our parishioners will take part in the Christmas “sharing our gifts” with others. Thank you for your continued generosity. 

All Souls Day, November 2nd

Mass, Wednesday 7 AM
Commemoration of all the Faithful
Departed (All Soul’s Day)

The ‘fire’ of purgatory is God’s love ‘burning’ the soul so that, at last, the soul is wholly aflame. It is the pain of wanting to be made totally worthy of One who is seen as infinitely lovable, the pain of desire for union that is now absolutely assured, but not yet fully tasted
— St. Catherine of Genoa

All Saints Day, November 1st - Mass Times

Saints are not supermen who are born perfect, but rather are ordinary people who followed God with all their heart. They are like us, they are like each of us, they are people who before reaching the glory of heaven lived a normal life, with joys and griefs, struggles and hopes...Each saint changed his or her life...when they recognized the love of God, they followed him with all their heart, without conditions and hypocrisies.

They spent their lives in the service of others, they endured suffering and adversity without hatred and responded to evil with good, spreading joy and peace...

To be a saint is not a privilege of a few... all of us in baptism have the inheritance of being able to become saints. Sanctity is a vocation for everyone...All of us are called to walk in the way of sanctity, and this way has a name, a face: the face of Jesus Christ.
— Pope Francis before the general audience October 30, 2013

New Session Begins – Autism & The Sacraments - Faith Formation

Opening Mass, October 15, 2016 - Feast Day of St. Therese of Lisieux

Welcome to our Autism & The Sacraments Program as we begin our 9th year, and fittingly on the Feast Day of Therese of Lisieux! Currently we have 25 students enrolled in the program, 9 of which will be receiving their First Communion (April 22nd of 2017) and 6 are to be confirmed (April 29th, 2017). As always, all are welcome to attend!

We are grateful for what God has done! To date, 30 students within the Autistic spectrum have received their First Communion and 16 have received the Sacrament of Confirmation by Bishop Tobin. 

We look forward to sharing the love of Christ with these eager children, and to the rewards and challenges that this year will bring. And as always, we're very appreciative of all our teachers, volunteers, committed families, as well as the dedication of Mrs. Andreozzi, and Fr. Gagne.

There are spaces currently available. If you are interested in late registration please call Margaret Andreozzi: 401.461.5691

Read the latest article about the program published by The Rhode Island Catholic:  "St. Peter Formation Program A Vital Ministry For Autistic Students"

 Click Here For more Info / Images:  St. Peter's Autism Program

Click Here For more Info / Images: St. Peter's Autism Program