Congratulations to all Those Confirmed in our Autism Program!

Come Holy Spirit! Confirmation–May 23rd, 2015

Congratulations to our candidates who received the Sacrament of Confirmation today! The journey continues for these nine students in a new and grace-filled way! 

A very special thank you to the committed families of our students, our generous staff and teachers, to Margaret Andreozzi and Fr. Roger Gagné–in their tireless dedication, and especially to Bishop Tobin for being present today and supportive throughout the year.

Please pray for God's grace and guidance as we continue to provide religious education and sacraments to those with special needs in our community.

Together with all the confirmed, you will become living stones in the cathedral of peace...Today you must understand that you are not alone. We are one body, one people, one Church of Christ. The sponsor who stands at your side represents for you the whole community. Together, with a great crowd of witnesses drawn from all peoples and every age, you represent Christ.
— Pope John Paul II, October 1982
Mary Bonneville