Sr. Mary Angelus Permanent Endowment Fund For St. Peter’s School


The Sister Mary Angelus Permanent Endowment Fund has now been established. This agreement is between St. Peter Parish and the Catholic Foundation of Rhode Island. The Catholic Foundation will manage the Endowment. Interest generated from this endowment will be sent to the parish and used to provide scholarship assistance for deserving students.

The Fund will begin as soon as our parish receives its first parish share from The Grateful for God’s Providence Campaign. I will send a check for $10,000 from the money received as soon as I receive this check, will be sometime in April.

Going forward, there will be opportunities to continue sending in donations to this endowment from a variety of sources. It is my hope to build up this fund to $50,000.

I urge you to consider including this endowment when making funeral arrangements. You may contribute at any time by sending a donation in any amount, to St. Peter Church, and indicate your desire that it be sent to the Sr. Mary Angelus Endowment Fund.

The endowment honors Sr. Mary Angelus, RSM, for her many years of service to Catholic Education and Pastoral Service to the parishioners of St. Peter Parish and School.

May God continue to bless Sr. Angelus with good health, and bless our efforts to continue her legacy of Christian witness, as a religious and as an educator.

We have been so blessed to have Sr. Angelus as a member of this parish for all these years. I thank her for her continued prayers for all of us, and assure her of special remembrance in all our prayers.

Father Gagne

Mary Bonneville