Helping Hands Ministries


Dear Parishioners,

Beginning this month our St. Vincent de Paul Society will be called “Helping Hands Ministries.”

Although the name has changed, this parish-based ministry will continue to serve the needs of people in our parish and neighborhood, as they have done for the past thirty years.

If you would like to be part of this important ministry, please call the Helping Hands Ministry phone number at 461-3157. Leave your name and phone number, and someone will return your call. Volunteers are also needed to help during the Holiday Season.

As always, this ministry relies on the generous support of the people of St. Peter’s Parish. The new Helping Hand For the Needy envelope can be used to make your donations as you have in the past.

With the Holiday Season approaching we will need your help to provide Thanksgiving Meals, as well as presents from the giving tree for Christmas.

In the near future our Helping Hands Ministry will make a list of services that they will be providing, in addition to our weekly food collections. Please continue to drop off non-perishable food items in the food basket that is located in front of the Sacred Heart Altar. This basket is sometimes placed in the hallway to the right of this altar.

May God continue to bless our efforts to provide for those in need ofour love and support.

Sincerely Yours,
Rev. Roger C. Gagne

Mary Bonneville