Congratulations Deacon Bob - Feast of St. Therese

October 1, 2017
On the Feast Day of the beloved St. Therese, we held an extra special celebration Mass and luncheon for Deacon Bob Morisseau. He celebrates a slew of milestone anniversaries, including 20 years at our parish, 40 years as a Deacon, as well as a 60th wedding anniversary (Congratulations to you too, Elaine!), AND an 80th Birthday. We thank God for the graces He has given us through the presence of Deacon Bob and his wife Elaine and pray for many more years of continued health and blessings.  

[Photos courtesy of Agustin Alarcon]

"How Sweet is the way of love..." - St. Therese of Lisieux

st. therese.jpg
Mary Bonneville