Warwick Pastoral Planning Update


Dear Parishioners,

       The pastors and members of the various parish-planning boards in the City of Warwick met Tuesday, October 24th at St. Kevin’s Parish Hall at 7:00 PM. The purpose of this meeting was to report on the final proposals and pastoral plans of the various parishes in Warwick.

The following topics were presented:

  • St. Kevin and St. Benedict Parishes have yoked, and continue to grow and flourish.
  • St. Timothy and St. Rita Parishes have submitted their proposal, to come together (yoke) in the future, to the diocesan pastoral council for final approval.
  • The pastors of St. Peter and St. Timothy will meet next week at the chancery to discuss the final closure and merger of the territory of the former St. William Parish with St. Peter and St. Timothy Parishes.
  • St Rose and Clement, St. Catherine, and St. Francis Parishes have submitted their pastoral plan to work together, to the diocesan pastoral planning council for final approval.
  • Deacon Ken Andrade from St. Timothy Parish presented his proposal to work together with the parishes of Warwick to implement a citywide youth ministry program, which will include young people and adults from every parish in the city of Warwick.
  • This meeting of the Warwick Parishes will be our last general meeting. Smaller meetings will be held, as needed, to discuss whatever topics need to be worked on by individual groups.

I want thank for your prayers and support for the work of the variousWarwick Parishes. A great deal has been accomplished in a short period of time. I will keep you informed of all future developments.

                                                                      Sincerely Yours,
                                                                      Rev. Roger C. Gagne

Mary Bonneville