Christmas 2018 - "Thank You"


Dear Parishioners,

Msgr. Iacovacci and myself want to thank you for your cards, gifts and good wishes at Christmas. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.

I also want to say thank you for your generous response to this year’s giving tree, flower offerings, Christmas collection, and donations to the Helping Hands Ministry. Your support helped many people have a better Christmas, and made it possible to decorate our church for the season.

A special word of thanks to our Altar Guild for decorating and cleaning the church, as well as our Choir Director, Mary O’Brien and the choir and musicians, and Sue Stenhouse and Bill Carter and the children’s music ministry for the gift of music.

Please be assured of a remembrance in all my prayers. A Blessed and Happy New Year to everyone.

If I have inadvertently forgotten to thank any one, please accept my apologies and gratitude for your support and prayers.

Sincerely Yours,

Father Gagne

Christmas Schedule

birth of christ 2018.jpg


Monday, December 24th - Christmas Eve
Mass, 5:00 PM in upper and lower church. Each Mass is proceeded by a Christmas Concert at 4:30 PM

Tuesday, December 25th - Christmas Day
12:00 AM Midnight Mass, 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM


Tuesday, January 1st 2019 - Solemnity of the Mary the Mother of God
Masses, Monday, December 31st at 5:00 PM
Tuesday, January 1st, at 10:00 AM

Christmas Pageant

Our Faith Formation Program presented our Christmas Pageant Monday afternoon. Grades 1 and 4 participated in the play, and were joined by grades 2,3 and 5 for Christmas music.


Gaudete Sunday


Gaudete Sunday

What is the reason for our joy? I share the following words from Thomas Merton and Dr. Seuss. Perhaps this is why the church calls us to be happy and rejoice, during this time of expectation, darkness, cold and weary hearts. Rejoice, for the Lord is near. Continue >

Grateful for God's Providence


Dear Parishioners,

I want to thank those who have already made a pledge, or donation to the “Grateful for God’s Providence,” capital campaign. To those who have not yet decided to contribute to this campaign, I would ask you consider the following questions:

1. Do you want to provide for the future needs of our retired priests, who have spent their lives serving you and the people of our diocese and state?

2. Do you want to provide for the educational needs for those who are currently studying and preparing for the priesthood?

3. Do you want to make an investment in the future of Catholic Education, in our parish and diocese?

4. Do you want to provide for the needs of those who look to the church for help with the cost of heat, shelter, food, medical, and other personal needs?

5. Do you want to honor Sister Mary Angelus, R.S.M., by establishing an endowment to provide tuition assistance for future generations of our children?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you know what you need to do. Please consider a pledge that can be paid over a period of three years. Remember, its not about the bishop, or me, its about investing in your future.

May God bless you for whatever you decide to do, and be assured of my thanks and a remembrance in all my prayers.

Gratefully Yours in Christ,

Fr. Gagné

Parish Penance Service


Parish Penance Service
Monday, December 17th, 6:30 – 7:30 PM
(Holy Hour, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
priests available for individual confession)

2018 Giving Tree


The Helping Hands for the Poor

St. Peter’s Parish is sponsoring “The Giving Tree.” This is an opportunity for the entire St. Peter’s Parish Family to help by sharing their gifts from God with others.

Barren Branches, decorated with tags, has been set up in the Church. The tags reflect a gift request of a clothing or toy item. Each tag includes the age, gender and size where applicable.

We ask parishioners to please select as many tags as they would like. Purchase the item on the tag, wrap it and place it, WITH THE TAG ATTACHED, under the tree NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 17TH. This will enable us to complete our preparations for an efficient distribution of the gifts.

These “Barren Branches” will also serve as our Jesse Tree. As the tags are removed, Jesse Tree ornaments will replace them.

For those who prefer the practice of recent years, we will continue to forward woolen items to the needy. Unwrapped woolen items may be placed in the containers near each tree.

We hope all our parishioners will take part in the Christmas “sharing our gifts” with others. Thank you for your continued generosity.