Coffee 'An / Creche Program Resumes

The Creche Program will resume on Sunday, October 14 and is held in the Creche Room of the Administration Building during the 9:30 and 11:00 AM Masses each Sunday. All children between the ages of eighteen months and five years are welcome. For more information, call Mrs. Andreozzi at 461-5691.


Coffee ‘An will resume on Sunday, October 21 and will be held in the Dining Room of the Administration Building after the 9:30 AM Mass. (Please use the porch door entrance.) Please stop by after Mass and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a treat and mingle with your fellow parishioners and friends. Everyone is welcome

October Devotions

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October Devotions, consisting of the Rosary and Benediction, will be held in the church at 6:30 pm on Mondays, October 8, 15, 22 and 29. Please come and bring the family to honor Our Blessed Mother; to pray for peace and for your personal needs and the needs of others.

Letter from Father Gagné - GRATEFUL FOR GOD’S PROVIDENCE

Dear Parishioners,

  I want to share some thoughts and reflections, as we approach the halfway mark in the diocesan Capital Campaign, ”Grateful for God’s Providence.”

        I want to thank those who have already responded with a pledge or a one-time donation. Everyone will have an opportunity in the next few weeks to respond to this once in a generation appeal. 

        During this time, when the moral plague of sexual abuse, which is prevalent through out society, has deeply wounded our church, and caused much pain, suffering and shame among her members. As in every epidemic, action, not words are needed now to bring about the healing remedy that is needed.

        As in every epidemic through out history, the church did not run away or abandon those who were suffering. The church has always responded to those who are suffering. The church cannot just condemn sin or the sinner, but after the example of Christ, must offer forgiveness, mercy and hope to every one. It is only the gospel response that will bring about the changes that are needed in our church.

         Through prayer and fasting we will, with God’s help, end this moral plague, not only in our church, but through out society. I have included the Memorare, and the prayer to St. Michel the Archangel, in this week’s bulletin. I challenge all of us to say these prayers daily.

          “We need to be sober and alert, for your adversary, the devil, like a roaring lion is prowling around seeking someone to devour, we must resist him steadfast in our faith.”

          Now is the time for the members of Christ’s body, the church, to come together in prayer and support. This is a time to challenge the leaders of our church to leads us through this dark valley, and after the example of Christ the Good Shepherd, to lead us beside restful waters, to revive our drooping spirits.

          As we prepare for the future, we need to think of what the future would be like with out the church. For me, it is too horrible to imagine. Now is the time to wake from sleep, this is the acceptable time.

          May Our Lady, Mother of the Church, guide and protect us as we continue to build on Peter’s confession of faith. As we celebrate our 85th anniversary as a parish this October 3rd, let us pray that the jaws of death and the gates of hell will not prevail against us.

           You have remembrance in all my prayers, and I ask for your prayers also. May God who has begun the good work in us, see it to completion.

Father Gagné

Grateful for God's Providence - Diocesan Capital Campaign


Dear Parishioners,

Our parish will be participating in a once in a generation Diocesan
Capital Campaign during the next several weeks. A committee of fellow
parishioners will provide the leadership for this campaign. Through a series
of receptions and mailings, you will be informed as to the purpose of this
campaign and how you can participate.

Our parish goal is $485,951. St. Peter Parish will receive 40% of every
dollar raised. The amount of return to the parish would be $194,380. If we
go over our goal, our parish will receive 60% on every dollar amount raised.

It is my hope to establish a permanent endowment in the amount of
$50,000 from the money that will be returned to our parish. The interest
generated from this fund will be used to provide scholarship assistance for
those attending St. Peter Tri-Parish School. This scholarship will be called
the Sr. Mary Angelus, R.S.M. Endowment Fund. This is a wonderful way to
honor Sr. Angelus for her many years of service to our parish and school.
The rest of the money will be used for the up keep of our school.

Asking for money is never easy, but I believe with prayer and
everyone’s participation, we will join the other parishes in our diocese
who have already participated in this important undertaking. Msgr. Iacovacci
has already donated $20,000, and I have pledged $5,000. We are off to a
good beginning.

May God bless the work he has begun in us and see it to completion.
Be assured of a remembrance in all my prayers. I thank you in advance for
your prayers and support.

Enclosed in the bulletin is an insert that explains the purpose of this
Diocesan Campaign, Grateful for God’s Providence.

Gratefully Yours,

Rev. Roger C. Gagne

Sr. Angelus, RSM, Now Residing at Mount St. Rita's


Dear Parishioners,

After more than fifty-years of living at St. Peters, serving as principle of St. Peter School, and in retirement, serving as a Lector and Eucharistic minister, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and the shut-ins of our parish, Sr. Mary Angelus, RSM, has moved to Mount St. Rita’s Health Center in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Mount St. Rita’s is the provincial head quarters for the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, and also serves as the health care facility for the elderly sisters of the community. Sr. Mary Angelus will receive the care and support that she needs at this point in her life.

Sr. Mary Angelus will be missed by all of us, as she has been a faithful presence and witness to the love of God for our parish family. There are not adequate words to express my profound appreciation for the gift she has been for our parish and school. I first met Sister Angelus when I was in the seventh grade at St. Matthew’s School in Cranston. Little could I have imagined at that time, where God’s Providence would lead us in the future.

I assured sister that she would not be forgotten in our prayers, and asked for her prayers, as she begins the next journey of her life. I will soon publish her address, when she gets settled, so that you will be able to keep in touch with her. You are always welcome to visit her.

May God continue to bless Sr. Angelus with good health and many more years as a religious. May God continue to bless our efforts to provide Catholic Education for our children, and continue the legacy of Sr. Angelus, who loved the children, and families of our parish for so many years.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Roger C. Gagne

Fr. Gagne Receives "Distinguished Pastor of a Catholic School” Award


Our Pastor, Reverend Roger C. Gagne, received the “Distinguished Pastor of a Catholic School” award for his outstanding leadership role in Catholic education.

Mr. Daniel Ferris, Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Providence, presented Father Gagne with his award at the end of the Ascension of the Lord mass on Thursday morning, May 10 th , 2018. Father Gagne was also presented with a gift from the students of St. Peter Tri-Parish School and the parish staff in celebration of Pastor Appreciation Day. We congratulate Father Gagne on receiving this very prestigious award.

May God continue to bless him as the outstanding Pastor of St. Peter Parish and St.
Peter Tri-Parish School Community.


May Devotions


May Devotions

 Our May devotions, consisting of the Rosary & Benediction, will held on Mondays: May 7th, 14th, and 21st, at 6:30 PM. Please come and bring the family to honor our Blessed Mother and to pray for all our personal needs.

The May crowning will take place on Friday, May 25th at 2:00 pm.