Winter Update - Jan. 2018

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Dear Parishioners, 
As a result of the extreme cold weather and age of the piping in our heating systems, our parish finances have been significantly challenged. The following repairs have been made up to the present moment:

  •  School: Old steam pipe in lower level of the school had to patched to stop it from leaking. A new pipe will replace this pipe in the summer, when the boiler is off. Another junction connector had to be replaced altogether. This fix is permanent.
  •  Administration building: A radiator on an exposed wall in the west side staircase froze and had to be repaired. The second floor heating zone had to be flushed, and all the air bled out of the system in order for the heat to return to the second floor.
  • A steam pipe and junction sprang leaks in the lower church. I am hoping that as you read this letter these pipes will be repaired. One pipe was patched, and will be replaced in the summer.

Although we sustained very little damage, the cost of these repairs, will probably come in at around $5,000.

I hope and pray that the rest of winter will not hold too many surprises for us.

As always St. Peter’s relies on your generosity in times of need. If you can help out in any way to help off set the above mentioned expenses it is deeply appreciated. I will keep you posted. Remembrance in all my prayers.

Thank you.  -Fr. Gagne

Download letter and Donation Form HERE


Ordinary Time


     "The dictionary defines the word ordinary as something that is
customary, usual or familiar. What is familiar or common to Christians is the
weekly celebration of the paschal mystery. This mystery recalls the life,
death and most importantly the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The first day of
the week becomes for the believer a day of play and worship. Through play
and worship Sunday is in itself a sacrament of the redeemed. ....Read more >


Advent & Christmas Mass Schedule


Fourth Sunday of Advent
Saturday, December 23 Mass 5:00 PM Upper Church
Sunday, December 24 Mass 8:00 AM Upper Church
9:30 AM Upper Church
11:00 AM Upper Church

Sunday, December 24
Concerts at 4:30 PM (Upper & Lower Church)
Christmas Eve Mass 5:00 PM (Upper Church) &
5:00 PM Lower Church

Monday, December 25
Concert ("Sunday night") - 11:30 PM - (Upper Church) - 
Midnight Mass: 12:00 AM (Upper Church)

Mass: 9:30 AM (Upper Church)
Mass: 11:00 AM (Upper Church)

Monday, January 1: Mass 10:00 AM Upper Church
New Year’s Day - (Not a Holy day of obligation this year)

Christmas and the Magi - Fr. Gagne


T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Journey of the Magi” tells the story of the Three Wise Men who set out on a journey to satisfy their curiosity about the appearance of a star. They struggled at the “worst time of the year, the very dead of winter,” willing to travel at night through cold and hostile towns….  READ MORE >>

Altar Serving Schedules


Dear Altar Servers,

Enclosed in the PDF Attachments you will find the Altar Server Schedule for February, March, April and May. Please note the special dates of Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Confirmation, First Communions, and the Holy Day: Ascension Thursday.

I hope to begin a new class for Altar Servers soon. Some time in late May or June, the new servers will be put on the Altar as a third server. With your help and example they will learn to feel comfortable at the altar, and eventually be able to serve on their own.

I try to give all the servers opportunities to serve on a regular basis. Please let me know of changes of address, phone numbers, and particular times that you are not available for serving.

Thank you for your willingness to serve at the altar. Your ministry is very important, and an essential part of our parish's Liturgical life and prayer.

Call me at 467-4895 if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely Yours,
Fr. Gagne