Christmas and the Magi - Fr. Gagne


T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Journey of the Magi” tells the story of the Three Wise Men who set out on a journey to satisfy their curiosity about the appearance of a star. They struggled at the “worst time of the year, the very dead of winter,” willing to travel at night through cold and hostile towns….  READ MORE >>

Altar Serving Schedules


Dear Altar Servers,

Enclosed in the PDF Attachments you will find the Altar Server Schedule for February, March, April and May. Please note the special dates of Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Confirmation, First Communions, and the Holy Day: Ascension Thursday.

I hope to begin a new class for Altar Servers soon. Some time in late May or June, the new servers will be put on the Altar as a third server. With your help and example they will learn to feel comfortable at the altar, and eventually be able to serve on their own.

I try to give all the servers opportunities to serve on a regular basis. Please let me know of changes of address, phone numbers, and particular times that you are not available for serving.

Thank you for your willingness to serve at the altar. Your ministry is very important, and an essential part of our parish's Liturgical life and prayer.

Call me at 467-4895 if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely Yours,
Fr. Gagne

Advent & Christmas Mass Schedule


Fourth Sunday of Advent
Saturday, December 23 Mass 5:00 PM Upper Church
Sunday, December 24 Mass 8:00 AM Upper Church
9:30 AM Upper Church
11:00 AM Upper Church

Sunday, December 24
Concerts at 4:30 PM (Upper & Lower Church)
Christmas Eve Mass 5:00 PM (Upper Church) &
5:00 PM Lower Church

Monday, December 25
Concert ("Sunday night") - 11:30 PM - (Upper Church) - 
Midnight Mass: 12:00 AM (Upper Church)

Mass: 9:30 AM (Upper Church)
Mass: 11:00 AM (Upper Church)

Monday, January 1: Mass 10:00 AM Upper Church
New Year’s Day - (Not a Holy day of obligation this year)

New Parish Boundaries



Dear Parishioners,

     Effective January 1st 2018, St. Peter and St. Timothy Parish will take over the territory of the former St. William Parish. Bishop Tobin will issue a special decree in the near future making these changes official. A copy of his decree will be placed in the bulletin.

     On the reverse side of this letter is a copy of the new parish boundaries for St. Peter and St. Timothy Parishes.

       I again extend a warm welcome to the former parishioners of St. William Parish who have chosen to join St. Peter parish. My prayer is that our parish will continue its mission to proclaim the Gospel, celebrate the sacraments, provide for the needs of the poor, keep providing Catholic Education, Faith Formation, Autism and the Sacraments Program, youth programs, Vacation Bible School, Adult Faith Formation, and be a community of faith and service, that continues to support the spiritual and physical needs of the people of our parish and community.

     The Warwick Pastoral Planning process will continue to discuss and plan for the future needs of the Catholics of Warwick.

     Please continue to keep us in your prayers, that God will continue to bless our efforts to provide for the future needs of our parishes.

     Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


                                                        Sincerely Yours,
                                                        Rev. Roger C. Gagne




Altar Server Training



Dear Parishioners,

     To those who have been asking about a new training class for Altar Servers; I plan to start a new training class for altar servers after the Christmas Holidays.

     There will be a sign up form in the bulletin for a couple of weeks prior to the start of classes. I envision classes after school, and or on Saturday mornings.

     New servers will serve Mass with veteran servers, and learn by watching, until they feel comfortable serving by themselves. 

     Any boy or girl from grade three through High School and College is welcome to serve in this very important ministry.

                                                Father Gagne


"The Giving Tree" // 2017


The Helping Hands for the Poor ministry at St. Peter’s Parish is sponsoring “The Giving Tree.” This is an opportunity for the entire St. Peter’s Parish Family to help by sharing their gifts from God with others.

Barren Branches, decorated with tags, has been set up in the Church. The tags reflect a gift request of a clothing or toy item. Each tag includes the age, gender and size where applicable.

We ask parishioners to please select as many tags as they would like. Purchase the item on the tag, wrap it and place it, with the tag attached, under the tree no later than December 17th. This will enable us to complete our preparations for an efficient distribution of the gifts.

These “Barren Branches” will also serve as our Jesse Tree. As the tags are removed, Jesse Tree ornaments will replace them.

For those who prefer the practice of recent years, we will continue to forward woolen items to the needy. Unwrapped woolen items may be placed in the containers near each tree. We hope all our parishioners will take part in the Christmas “sharing our gifts” with others. Thank you for your continued generosity.

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